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Dancing events in Mackay


We have a large number of dancing events throughout the year, so that our dancers have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience to gain self confidence and self development. These events include performing at the Aged Care Homes, displays, shows, our annual concert, workshops, exams and competitions (locally and away).

Our dancers work hard to get into performance ready shape and it is wonderful that they have so many opportunities to showcase their talents.
It all beings with our dancing events. Whether your child is aiming to become a professional dancer and needs the firsthand experience of dancing on stage, or your little one is a bit shy and dancing in front of others is the first step in getting them to come out of their shell, we have events that will accommodate any of these goals and more.
Our dancers will not only have the chance to dance in front of friends and family at our annual concert, but we also provide opportunities for the more serious dancer who wishes to undertake examinations and/or competitions.

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We have all of our updated dancing events displayed right here. Whether you are competing yourself or you want to cheer on your favourite dancer, this is where you can see our upcoming programs for your enjoyment. If you have any questions about our dancing events and upcoming shows, feel free to contact International Dance Affair today!
International Dance Affair "Celebrating 30 Years" Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre, Saturday 21st September, 2019 at 7.30pm. Purchase your tickets here. Everyone welcome!

"International Dance Affair Autumn Feis" at North Mackay State High School Hall, Saturday the 1st June, 2019.

"International Dance Affair Highland Competition Association Autumn Titles" at North Mackay State High School Hall. Sunday 2nd June, 2019.

Free admission for both competitions.

International Dance Affair is delighted to welcome Heidi Landford of Prudence Bowen Atelier to work with the Ballet students in Mackay. We have been extremely fortunate to have Heidi in Mackay the last four years and we are excited that she has once again accepted our invitation to return. Heidi will be taking a graded examination workshop at Studio 53, 53 Gregory Street, Mackay for Primary through to Advanced 2 on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June.