Dance Classes

  • At International Dance Affair our qualified teachers provide professional tuition for Beginners through to Pre-Professionals.
  • We are passionate about passing on our knowledge and love of dance to our students
  • We are committed to provide a positive learning environment which offers many opportunities to our wonderful dancers.


    This is where it all begins! Our little 2 & 3 year olds will enjoy this fun filled class! Our Tiny Tots class has a Ballet basis & is designed to introduce little ones to the wonderful world of dance. Through a fun environment dancers will enhance their movement abilities, stimulate their listening skills, become more expressive, and build confidence and self-esteem without even realizing it. Tiny Tots classes are so much fun for the littlies as they learn to develop their co-ordination and confidence, whilst we focus on musicality, creativity and technique in a fun and social atmosphere. The Tiny Tots class at IDA is perfect for little ones!


    Irish Dancing is taught by a highly qualified teacher & adjudicator with the Irish Dance Commission, Ireland (IDC). Dancers can enjoy Irish Dancing competitively, for exercise or simply just for fun! Competitive students have the opportunity to compete in competitions locally, throughout Queensland, Nationally or overseas. IDA dancers have always had a very high standard of both Solo and Ceili (Team) dancing which is evident in our numerous winners at the prestigious NQ Premierships & Queensland Premierships & also placegetters at the State, National and International Championships. IDA students have the opportunity to participate in the IDC Grade Exams which are held in Mackay annually. Irish Dancing is such an inspiring style of dance with uplifting music and intricate moves. Come and join our Irish Dancers who enjoy great sportsmanship and camaraderie at IDA.


    Ballet students are taught technique, along with emphasis on correct posture, placement and line. Elevation, presentation, flexibility, strength building and dance quality are developed throughout the year. Ballet classes at IDA are taught by our qualified RAD Ballet teacher and students will have the opportunity to enter for RAD Ballet exams or simply use this dance form for personal development. If students desire they will also have the opportunity to perform in Eisteddfod solos and groups.


    Tap students may be prepared for CSTD tapping exams or simply enjoy tap as a recreational dance form. Tap students are taught timing, rhythm, musicality and correct technique with our vibrant and very experienced Tap teacher.

    Tap dancing is a lively, free movement & rhythmical dance form. Eisteddfod solo and group performance is also offered. Tap dancing at IDA is loads of fun!


    Modern Jazz and Contemporary students may undertake the CSTD Modern & Contemporary exams, Eisteddfod solo and group performances are also offered or use these dance forms purely on a recreational basis. Dancers will learn the latest dance moves whilst learning correct technique and enhance fitness, flexibility and coordination.


    Highland Dancing is a traditional style of dance and is taught under the guidelines of the Scottish Official Board by our qualified National Dancing Association teachers. The NDAA Highland exam syllabus is offered in both children and major exams. At IDA we pride ourselves on Highland choreography dancing which is displayed at our annual concerts, eisteddfodau and community events such as the annual Mackay Pipe Band St. Andrew's Day Concert. Our Highland Dancers are a tight knit group who travel regularly to successfully compete in competitions across the State and beyond. Highland Dancing can be learnt competitively, for fitness or simply for enjoyment.


    Hip Hop is a cultural dance style which developed in New York City in the 1970's. Since first emerging in the Bronx, Hip Hop has spread around the world. Hip hop encompasses many types of 'street dancing' which includes free movement, improvisation and personal interpretation. Our Hip Hop teacher has a vast array of experience in a wide range of dance genres and our Hip Hop students will fully enjoy the high energy of this most popular unique dance form and learn the most up-to-date moves.


    (Classes held in Mackay and Eungella)

    Baton Twirling is a sport with a difference which incorporates rhythm, dance, balance, gymnastics, hand/eye co-ordination, twirling, laughter and loads of fun! Baton Twirling is a competitive sport held in a friendly environment. Our students have had great success at local and State competitions over the last few years and this is due to the high standard of coaching by our fully qualified coach and judge. The students, if they wish, also have the opportunity to undertake the Twirling Achievement System (TAS) examinations. This sport is unique, fun and fascinating! There is something in Twirling for everyone!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What age can my child start dancing?

    A. We take little ones who are two, turning three in the calendar year in the Tinytots class.

    Q. Do you have an annual concert?

    A. Yes. The annual concert is held at the MECC Theatre every year in September.

    Q. What type of dancing do you teach?

    A. Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Hip Hop, Baton Twirling, Highland Dancing (Scottish), Irish Dancing & Contemporary.

    Q. Is it compulsory to do the eisteddfod and exams?

    A. No it is not compulsory.

    Q. What type of exams do you do?

    A. Ballet - RAD; Tap, Jazz, Contemporary - CSTD; Highland - NDAA; Irish - IDC; Baton Twirling - ABTAI; Hip Hop - none. Exams are not compulsory.

    Q. Is there an enrolment fee?

    A. There is no annual joining fees or studio enrolment fees.