Below is genuine feedback provided by our past parents and students at IDA.

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Our family has been involved with International Dance Affair Studio for the past 13 years. It all began with our eldest daughter Courtney, starting as a Tiny Tot when she was in Pre-school. She had seen Riverdance on TV and decided this is what she wanted to do, Irish Dancing. IDA caters for all dance forms and as a mum with absolutely no dance experience I thought this would be a good place to start.

IDA was definitely the best place to start. Not only did my daughter become part of the studio but so did the whole family. The atmosphere was always welcoming, friendly, supportive and encouraging. The children were encouraged to do their best but to also enjoy their dancing. The older students always looked after the younger ones and encouraged them with their dancing and when it was Concert time - checked the younger students were ok and coping with the night.

Courtney loved dancing so much that she at one stage was dancing in Ballet, Highland, Irish and Tap classes. She loved coming to dancing because she had developed some life-long friendships and was encouraged to keep improving by her teachers. From a parents point-of-view it gave her discipline and encourage her to be the best she could be.

The teachers encouraged me to enrol my youngest daughter, Anna (who has Down Syndrome) in Tiny Tots. Anna loved dancing and this form of stimulation helped her with her speech, co-ordination and socialisation with the other children. Anna danced with IDA for four years and loved every moment of it. She participated in concerts and Presentation Exams for Ballet.

Courtney was encouraged to complete her exams in all her Dance forms and the experience she gained from this was immeasurable. She also participated in competitions for both Highland and Irish Dancing which were held in Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, Ayr and Brisbane. She has participated in the Mackay Eisteddfod since she started dancing and all of these opportunities have made her grow and develop as a person.

The Principal and teachers at IDA have always treated us as a family and not simply as a client. Two years ago when I was undergoing treatment for an illness, they supported my daughter through this time and gave her a constant and stable environment. Parents who have become good friends took over driving her to and from dancing.

I feel Courtney has become a confident and mature person because of her dancing. Thank you IDA and it will be very sad for us to be leaving at the end of the year as Courtney is finishing Year 12 and is hoping to move on to University.

Our family wishes you the best and will always keep in contact.

From Alfina McClanachan and Family


My daughter danced with IDA for 14 years, initially an extremely shy child who gradually developed her self confidence, resilience, time management skills, fantastic posture and a life long passion for dance in many forms. She was taught by a variety of excellent teachers, including Sandra Danastas, who encouraged and supported her as she learnt Highland, Irish and Jazz as well as a little Tap and Ballet. During her dancing career with IDA she danced at numerous competitions and Eisteddfods throughout Queensland, performing as a solo dancer and as a member of various dance groups.

She placed 6th in the Titles at the supporting competition held in conjunction with the Champion of Champions Championship of Australia & also competed at the Queensland Irish Dancing Championships for 7 years in which she placed 10th in her age group. She has been the recipient of several Highland Dancing Bursaries at the Mackay Eisteddfod.

Now studying at UQ, she has continued to share her passion for dance with other students, continuing to create costumes, assist with choreography and also performing at the annual UQ College Dance Competition. Her skills, confidence and many successes both academically and personally have been enhanced by the teachers and skills learnt at IDA.

Jan Jamieson, Mother of Past Student IDA.


After 18 years of dancing and doing 5 different styles of dance I can say that I have been very fortunate to have had the high level of teaching and opportunities given to me by my teachers at IDA studio. I have achieved all my dancing dreams and goals with the support of my teachers by my side.

IDA has allowed me to grow from a tinytot to a qualified dance teacher. Without the knowledge, support, determination and hard work from my teachers I would not be the dancer or teacher I am today.

Alexandra Hanrahan.


My daughter attended IDA for 13 years from tiny tots through to senior level.

IDA gave her the skill and confidence to compete successfully at eisteddfod and other competition levels in Jazz, Tap and Irish. During that time Sandra and her team were all focussed on their student welfare and development.

I would thoroughly recommend IDA studio to parents who want their children to learn up to date dance techniques whether just for fun, competition, recreation or fitness. Dance also gives children confidence, discipline and helps develop character which can all be seen at IDA's yearly concert.

Brian Winton, Andergrove, Mackay.